Research Facilities

Departmental Central Facilities

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  1. Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer

  2. NMR Spectrometer (500 MHz)

  3. NMR Spectrometer (400 MHz)

  4. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)(X-band and Q-band)

  5. Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) and iHelium3 setup

  6. High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster

  7. High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (Maxis Impact)

  8. High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (Q-Tofmicro)

  9. Surface Area Analyzer

  10. UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer

  11. ATR-IR Spectrometer

  12. HPLC

  13. Differential Scanning Calorimeter

  14. Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

  15. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)

  16. Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer

  17. Thermo gravimetric Differential Thermal Analyser

  18. Elemental Analyser (C, H, N and S)

  19. Nanosecond Laser Facility

  20. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

  21. Single crystal X-ray diffraction for Macro Molecules