Welcome to In-House Symposium 2013!

The phenomenal expansion and growth of the research activities in the department over the last decade has led to the In-House Symposium being held as an annual event showcasing individual research. It provides the much needed platform for the deliberation of stimulating research findings and mutual exchange of ideas within the department. The In-House Symposium thus creates awareness among the student research community about the different exciting projects being currently undertaken at the department and also brings our collective research focus to the fore. With active involvement of one and all in the department, the symposia has steadily grown into prominence ever since it’s inaugural edition in 2002 and, today, is seen as an annual celebration of the research activities of our department. We welcome you all to the upcoming In-House Symposium in March 2013.

Organising Committee :

  • Prof. Santosh J. Gharpure
  • Prof. Rajarshi Chakrabarti

  • Pratibha Ghodke
  • Narendra Kumar
  • Vipul Betkekar
  • Rishab Bajpai
  • Yogesh G. Shelke
  • Ratish Shekhar