K. Sharma

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Chemistry

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

    Powai, Mumbai 400076


    Ph:   022-2576 7170

    Fax:  022-2576 7152

    Email: k.sharma@chem.iitb.ac.in

    Group Webpage


Academic Background

Postdoctoral Fellow; University of Bristol (UK), Bristol (2011-2015).

Ph.D.; National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune (2005-2011).

Professional Experience

Asst. Professor, IIT Bombay (2015 onwards)


Research Interests

Objective : Development of novel nanomaterials using self-organization of soft matter .

Our group is particularly interested in the design and development of new methodologies for the fabrication of higher order nanostructures via physicochemical interactions of various building blocks such as colloids, polymers, surfactants, proteins, and liquid crystals. The hierarchical structure and dynamics of these mesoscopic materials determine their physical properties, and one of our goals is to utilize these properties for different applications. We extensively use various scattering (SAXS, SANS, and DLS), microscopy (SEM, TEM, AFM), and spectroscopy tools for characterizing these structures.

Representative Publications

1) Sharma K. P.; Risbridger, T.; Bradley, K.; Perriman, A. W.; Fermin, D.; Mann, S. "High Temperature Electrochemistry of a Solvent-Free Myoglobin Melt" ChemElectroChem. 2015, 2, 976. Link :

2) Sharma K. P.; Zhang, Y.; Patil, A. J.; Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S. "Self-organization of glucose oxidase-polymer surfactant nano-constructs in solvent-free soft solids and liquids" J. Phys. Chem. B, 2014, 118,11573-11580. Link :

3) Brogan, A. P. S; Sharma, K. P.; Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S. "Enzyme activity in liquid lipase melts as a step towards solvent-free biology at 150° C" Nature Commun., 2014. 10/06/online. Link :

4) Sharma K. P.; Bradley, K.; Brogan, A. P. S.; Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S.; Fermin, D. "Redox Transitions in an Electrolyte-Free Myoglobin Fluid" J.Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 18311. Link :

5) Sharma, K. P.; Collins, A. M.; Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S., "Enzymatically Active Self Standing Protein-Polymer Surfactant Films Prepared by Hierarchical Self-Assembly", Adv. Mat., 2013, 25, 2005. Link :

6) Brogan, A. P. S.; Sharma, K. P.; Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S. "Isolation of a Highly Reactive β-Sheet-Rich Intermediate of Lysozyme in a Solvent-Free Liquid Phase", J. Phys. Chem. B, 2013, 117, 8400. Link :

7) Sharma, K. P.; Ganai, A.; Sen, D.; Prasad, B. L. V.; Kumaraswamy, G. "Exclusion from Mesophase Surfactant Domains Drives End-to-End Enchainment of Rod-Like Particles" J. Phys. Chem. B, 2013, 117, 12661. Link :

8) Sharma, K. P.; Kumaraswamy, G.; Ly.I.; Mondain-Monval, O. "Self-Assembly of Silica Particles in a Nonionic Surfactant Hexagonal Mesophase", J. Phys. Chem. B, 2009, 113, 11,3423-3430. Link :

9) Sharma, K. P.; Kumaraswamy, G.; Aswal, V.K. "Adsorption of Nonionic Surfactant on Silica Nanoparticles: Structure and Resultant Interparticle Interactions" J. Phys. Chem. B, 2010,114, 10986-10995. Link :

10) Sharma, K. P.; Ganai, A.; Gupta, S. S.; Kumaraswamy, G. "Self Standing Three Dimensional Networks of Nanoparticles, With Controllable Morphology by Dynamic Templating of Surfactant Hexagonal Domains" Chem. Mater., 2011, 23, 1448-1455. (Cover Page Article) Link :

11) Sharma, K.P.; Chowdhary, C. K; Srivastava, S.; Davis, H.; Rajamohanan, P. R.; Roy, S.;Kumaraswamy, G. "Assembly of Polyethylenimine in the Hexagonal Mesophase of Non-Ionic Surfactant: Effect of pH and temperature" J. Phys. Chem. B, 2011, 115, 9059-9069. Link :

12) Ganai, A.; Kumari, S.; Sharma, K. P.; Gupta, S. S.; Kumaraswamy, G. "Synthesis of functional hybrid silica scaffolds with controllable hierarchical porosity by dynamic templating" Chem. Commun., 2012, 48, 5292-5294. Link :

13) Kar, M.; Pauline, M.; Sharma, K. P.; Kumaraswamy, G.; Sen Gupta, S., "Synthesis of Poly-L-glutamic Acid Grafted Silica Nanoparticles and Their Assembly into Macroporous Structures", Langmuir, 2011, 27, 12124. Link :

14) Kumaraswamy, G.; Sharma, K. P. "In Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes", Ale,I., Chandrashekhar, V. K., Eds.; Academic Press: 2013; Vol. Volume 18, p 181-208. Link :

Patents :

  • Kumuraswamy, G.; Sharma, K.P. US Patent on "Self standing nanoparticle networks/scaffolds with controllable void dimensions" Council Sci.&Ind Res India: 2011; Vol. US2011/0244003 A1.

  • Kumaraswamy, G.; Gupta, S. S.; Ganai, A. K.; Kumari, S. K.; Sharma, K. P.; U.S. Patent on "Synthesis of functional hybrid silica scaffolds with controllable hierarchical porosity".