(B-Nag Auditorium, Victor Menezes Convention Centre)

Department of Chemistry is organizing a Satellite Conference on Chemical Synthesis at IIT Bombay during December 5-6, 2017 prior to the Indo-US conference (IUSSTF) to be held at Lonavala. The symposium will bring together leading scientists and academicians to discuss the challenges and latest developments in the field of catalysis, chemical synthesis, and chemical biology. The organizing committee warmly invites you to take part in the international event, and looks forward to welcoming you.

The meeting will be held at B. Nag Auditorium at Victor Menzez Convention Centre. The conference will start at 2 pm on December 5th and conclude by 6 pm on December 6th. We have 18 invited talks of 30 minutes each (9 from USA and 9 from IIT Bombay) and also 10 flash presentations by our Ph.D. students. We believe that this satellite meeting would initiate insightful discussions and foster fruitful collaborations in future.

Prof. Suvarn S. Kulkarni