6.    Polymer supported metal cluster derived nanostructured catalysts for efficient hydrogenation and oxygenation reactions:

The synthesis of enantiomerically pure organic compounds via the asymmetric catalytic route has emerged as a major theme as biological activity of large number of drugs and agrochemicals is associated with one particular enantiomer. In this context, newer classes of polymer supported asymmetric nano-catalysts have been developed by ion-pairing anionic [Pt3(CO)6]n2 , [Ru4( -H)3(CO)12] and [Rh(CO)2Cl2] with the chiral quaternary amines onto the functionalized organic or inorganic polymeric supports (Scheme 6). The designed heterogeneous chiral catalysts are found to be quite efficient towards the enantioselective hydrogenation (ee >90%) of ketonic and olefinic functionalities. Moreover, newly designed water soluble polymer supported metal cluster derived catalysts are established to be remarkably efficient for both hydrogenation and oxygenation processes under environmentally bening reaction conditions.

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