Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076, India

Phone:022-2576-7183 (Office)

Email: rajaraman at

1996-1999 : B.Sc Chemistry, Raja Serfoji Govt. College, Thanjavur,India.

1999-2001 : M.Sc Department of Chemistry, Bharathidasan University, Trichy, India

2001-2004 : PhD University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K. (Prof. R. E. P. Winpenny and Prof. E. J. L. McInnes)

2005-2007 Alaxander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellow,University of Heidelberg, Germany (Prof. P. Comba)

2007-2009 Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellow, University of Florence, Italy, (Profs. A. Caneshi, R. Sessoli, D. Gatteschi)

2009- Assistant Professor, IITB, Mumbai India.

2014- Associate Professor, IITB, Mumbai India.

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