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Department Colloquia :

Sr.Date SpeakerTopic
Special Colloquium15 Dec. 2017Prof. Peter H. Seeberger Preventing and Fighting Infectious Diseases: Carbohydrate Vaccines and Flow Chemistry
17.12 Oct. 2017Prof. B.L. Tembe Molecular Sociology: Association of ions, dipoles and hydrophobes in solvent mixtures.
Special Colloquium28 March 2017Prof. K.C. Nicolaou The Art and Science of Organic Synthesis and Its Impact on Science and Society
16.24 Jan. 2017Prof. M. Ravikanth Our Rendezvous with Pyrrole Based Macrocycles and Fluorescent Systems
15.09 Sept. 2016Prof. I.N.N. Namboothiri A Voyage through the world of organic chemistry: Well begun but not yet done
14.12 Feb. 2016Prof. Nand Kishore Thermodynamics in Protein Science: It is Important
13.10 Sep. 2015Prof. R. Murugavel The story of Porous Solids - Past, Present and Future.
12.17 Apr. 2015Prof. M. Palaniandavar
(Distinguished Visiting Professor)
Metal-based Anticancer Drugs: Structure?Activity Relationship for the Cytotoxicity of of Copper(II) and Ruthenium(II) Complexes of Diimines
11.27 Feb. 2015Prof. Kankan Bhattacharyya (IACS) Science Day and Heroes of Indian Science
10.4 Sep. 2014Prof. M.S. Balakrisha Phosphines: Chemistry is fascinating and far ranging
9.4 Apr. 2014Prof. Anil Kumar Re-Search: Old is Gold
8.15 Nov. 2013Prof. G. K. Lahiri Beyond CT Ion
7.20 Sep. 2013Prof. Sambasivarao Kotha Strategies, Tactics and Methods: Synthetic Economy and Beyond
6.2 Aug. 2013Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra Propagating Backward and Forward - An overview from the Propagator Lab
5.5 Apr. 2013Prof. H. B. Singh Tales of the Unexpected
4.15 Feb. 2013Prof. Vishwakarma Singh Molecular Complexity from Aromatics
3.8 Nov. 2012Prof. A. Q. Contractor Such a long journey, such a short distance
2.28 Sep. 2012Prof. C.P. Rao 'Then' and 'Now': A travelogue of our group's research
1.26 Apr. 2011Prof. S. Durani Zindagi na Milegi Dobara: Chemical Interactions and Puzzles of Protein Biogeny