The RBS Group

Department of Chemistry,
3rd floor, Room No: 418-A
IIT Bombay,

Specific Research Interests:

1. Organocatalysis
  • Sulfur ylides
  • N-heterocyclic carbenes
  • Morita Baylis Hillman reaction
  • Secondary amine catalysis
  • Cinchona alkaloids

2. Transition metal Catalysis
  • Various kinds of C-H activation
  • Titanium enolate
  • Aromatization using metal pincer complexes

3. Solvent effects in Chemical Reactivity
  • Role of explicit solvents in organic and organometallic reactions

4. Weak interaction
  • Quantification of inter and intra molecular weak interactions

5. Main group organometallics
  • Electronic structure studies on Selenium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Boron compounds