"Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'You must have faith.'"

  Ph.D  Students

Soumyaranjan Pati

Ph.D (December 2013-present)
Fellowship : CSIR
B.Sc : 2010, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha
M.Sc : 2012, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha

Research interest : Asymmetric synthesis
Email-id :patisoumyaranjan100@gmail.com
Alati Suresh

Int. Ph.D (July 2012-Present)
Fellowship : IIT Bombay

B.Sc: 2011, Nalanda degree college, Kakatiya University, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh

Research interest : Synthetic Applications of Dicyclopentadiene
Email-id : alatisuresh@gmail.com
Sohan Lal

Ph.D (December 2014-present)
Fellowship : CSIR

B.Sc : 2006, S. K. Govt. College (University of Rajasthan), Sikar, Rajasthan
M.Sc : 2012, Central University of Rajasthan, Kishangarh, Rajasthan

Research interest : Synthesis and Studies of High Energy High Density Polycyclic Cage Compounds
Email-id : nksohan@chem.iitb.ac.in
Sudheesh TS

Ph.D (July 2015-present)
Fellowship : CSIR

B.Sc : MG University, Kerala, 2012
M.Sc : MG University, Kerala, 2014

Research interest :
Email-id : tssudheesh888@gmail.com
Sivasankara Chenikkayala

Ph.D (December 2015-present)
Fellowship : UGC

B.Sc : Sri Venkateswara Arts College, Tirupathi, 2012
M.Sc : Sri Venkateswara University College of Science, Tirupathi, 2014

Research interest :
Email-id : cssankara92@gmail.com
Deepak Kumar

Ph.D (July 2019 - present)
Fellowship : CSIR

B.Sc : Ramjas College, University of Delhi (2017)
M.Sc : Central University of Haryana (2019)

Research interest :Synthetic Applications of Hauser-Kraus Annulation
Email-id : dkyadav311.in@gmail.com
Amrish Dave

Ph.D (July 2019 - present)
Fellowship : PMRF

M.Sc : Department of Chemistry, Saurashtra University, Rajkot

Research interest :Development of Novel Chiral Catalysts for Asymmetric Reactions
Email-id : ajchem91@gmail.com
Banamali Laha

Ph.D (January 2021 - present)
Fellowship : Institute Teaching Assistantship

M.Sc : Banaras Hindu University (2020)

Research interest :
Email-id : 204030012@iitb.ac.in
Thejashree G. L.

Ph.D (January 2021 - present)
Fellowship : CSIR

M.Sc : Govt. Science College, Mysore University

Research interest :
Email-id :glthejashree@gmail.com