Current Ph.D Students


Shekhar Hansda

Joined : January 2011

Thesis Title : Theoretical Investigation of Some Interesting Organic Magnetic Molecules

Arun K. Pal

Joined : July 2011

Thesis Title : Computational Investigations of Organic Molecular Magnetism: Photomagnets, Ferromagnets, Spin glass and Superparamagnet.

Tumpa Sadhukhan

Joined : July 2012

Thesis Title: Magnetic Molecules, Excited States and Photosynthesis

Current M.Sc Students


Dibyendu Mondal (2 Yrs MSc)

Dissertation Title: Theoretical Investigation of Kinetics of Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

Anup Kumar (Integrated MSc)

Dissertation Title: Computational Investigation of Meta-xylylene based polyradical

Ph.D Students

   Student   Title   Year   Present
Dr. Satyam PriyadarshyTheoretical Study of Energy Migration in Model Chloroplast   1990Halliburton, George Mason University
Dr. Buddhadeb MallikTheoretical Investigation of Some of the Electron Transfer Processes involved in Green-Plant Photosynthesis   1996NIH
Prof. Anirban MisraTheoretical Investigation on the Magnetic Properties of Molecules   2001North Bengal University
Prof. Md. Ehesan AliTheoretical and Computational Aspects of Magnetic Molecules   2007Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali
Dr. Nital MehtaTheoretical and Computational Study of Biomolecules Involved in Green Plant Photosynthesis   2009USA
Prof. Anirban PandaApplication of Second Quantization Based Techniques to Photosynthesis and Molecular Magnetism    2010J. K. College, Purulia
Prof. Iqbal Abdul LatifTheoretical Investigation on Organic Magnetic Molecules   2012Al-Ameen University College, Bangalore

M.Sc Students

   Student   Thesis Title   Year   Ph.D
Gomathi RamachandranIntermolecular Forces in Biological Systems   1987Ph.D.- Cornell U
M. R. RaoPossibilities of two-dimensional N.M.R.   1987M. Tech.- IIT-B
Ninad V. PrabhuExcitons, Phonons and Light Reactions in Photosynthesis   1990Ph.D.- University of Texas
S. S. IyengarTransport of Ions Across a Biomembrane   1990Ph.D.- University of Texas, Asso. Prof.- Indiana University, Bloomington
Ms. Deepika TandonTheoretical Studies of Energy Transfer in Green Plant Photosynthetic Unit   1994Ph.D.: U of Michigan
Rama Krishna Kondru
Co-guide: P. Mathur
Iron Carbonyl Clusters   1994
Praveen MuleyAb-initio Calculations on Small Molecules   1994
Rahul DeshpandeAspects of Many-Body Effects   1996Ph.D.- Princeton, Group Leader: Mat Res Center, Houston
Deepanwita ChatterjeeTransition Metal Ions in Photosynthesis   1996Year
Deepak ShahExciton Transfer in Green Cell Photosynthesis   1998Ph.D.: Cornell U, Group Leader: INTEL
B. G. S. PrabhakarTheoretical Investigation of the Effect of Strong Magnetic Fields on Molecules   1999 Ph.D.- Cornell U, Assistant Professor: IIIT Hyderabad
Vijay NehraElectron Transfer Reac-tions in Photosynthesis   2000IAS, DM: Baroda