Research Interests:

The primary focus of our research work is to design novel transition metal complexes with the following perspectives:

  1. Investigation of Intramolecular Electron-Transfer Processes in Mixed-Valent Polyruthenium Derivatives

  2. Establishment of Delicate Metal-Ligand Valence State Distributions and Spin-State Interactions in Redox-Noninnocent Complex frameworks

  3. Metal Ion Mediated Facile Intramolecular Organic Transformations

  4. Various Aspects of Ruthenium-Nitrosyl Derivatives

  5. Development of Nano-Structured Heterogeneous as well as Homogeneous (green) Catalysts for Hydrogenation and Oxygenation Processes

  6. Metal-Mediated Organic Transformations in Homogeneous Condition