Project Activities :

    Research Projects At IIT Madras :

  • Sponsored Projects :
    1. Start-up Grant (New Faculty Scheme)
      Funding Agency: IIT Madras
      Duration: August 2004 to August 2006

    2. Agency : CSIR, New Delhi.
      Title : Enantio- and Diastereoselective Addition of Substituted Allylorganometallics to Carbonyl Compounds: Application towards the Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Balanol
      Duration : June 2005 to June 2008.

    3. Funding Agency : DST, New Delhi
      Title : New Methods for the Synthesis of Cyclic Ethers Based on Vinylogous Carbonates
      Duration : November 2005 to November 2008

    4. Funding Agency : CSIR, New Delhi.
      Title : Synthetic Approaches to Potent DNA-Damaging Agent Myristinins.
      Duration : April 2009 to April 2012

    5. Funding Agency : DST, New Delhi
      Title : New methods for the synthesis of medium-ring azacycles based on vinylogous carbamates
      Duration : February 2010 to March 2013

    6. Funding Agency : CSIR, New Delhi
      Title: New Methods for the Synthesis of 6 and 7 Membered 1,4-Hetrocylclic Compounds
      Duration : November 2013 to October 2016

  • Research Based Industrial Consultancy Projects :
    1. Name of the Company: SRF Limited
      Title: Improvements in synthesis of glycerol glycidyl ether.
      Co-PI: Late Prof. G. Sundararajan
      Duration: October 2006 to January 2008.

    Research Projects at IIT Bombay :

  • Sponsored Projects :
    1. Seed Grant
      Funding Agency: IRCC, IIT Bombay
      Duration: July 2012 to July 2014

    2. Funding Agency : CSIR, New Delhi
      Title: New Methods for the Stereoselective Synthesis of 6- and 7-Membered 1,4-Heterocyclic Compounds
      Duration: November 2013 to November 2016

    3. Funding Agency: BRNS, Department of Atomic Energy.
      Title: Stereoselective strategies for the synthesis of N-fused indoles: Application to the total synthesis of yuremamine
      Duration : November 2013 to March 2017

    4. Funding Agency: School Education and Sports Department, Government of Maharashtra
      Title: Quality improvement of classroom teaching through video based teachers' training program
      Duration : July 2014 to March 2019 (on going)( as Co-PI)

    5. Funding Agency : SERB, New Delhi.
      Title :Hydrofunctionalisation of alkynes for the stereoselective synthesis of oxa- and aza-cycles
      Duration :December 2015 to December 2018

    6. Funding Agency :Ministry of Earth Sciences
      Title :Synthesis of Bioactive Marine Butanolides and their Analogues
      Duration :February 2016 to February 2017

    7. Funding Agency :Wadhwani Research Centre For Bioengineering(WRCB), IIT Bombay
      Title :A Central Strategy for Expeditious Synthesis of Bioactive Flavans
      Duration :July 2018 to June 2020

    8. Funding Agency: CSIR, New Delhi.
      Title : Nitrene insertion to C-H and C-C multiple bonds for the stereoselective synthesis of aza-cycles
      Duration: August 2019 to August 2022

  • Industrial Consultancy :
    1. Embio Limited
    2. Narcotics Control Bureau
    3. Jay Chemicals Limited
    4. Gland Pharma Limited (Consultant, on-going)
    5. Bajaj Health Care
    6. BASF
    7. Indofil Industries
    8. S. H. Kelkar Co. Ltd. (Consultant, on-going)
    9. Ravi Dyeware Co. Ltd.
    10. Abhitech Enterprises (Consultant, on-going)
    11. AVA Chemicals

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